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Below you may find the answers to some of your questions. If you don't spot what you're looking for, just contact us and we'll be happy to help.

How much time and resources do we need to use Global Goals Directory?

Global Goals Directory is here to support you with data and tools for measuring and strengthening your local impact ecosystem — how often you use it is up to you and your needs. Some cities use it every week, others every month. Rest assured, we take care of everything behind the scenes: Our AI performs the identification and analysis of stakeholders in your region. And our technical team handles hosting and maintenance of the Global Goals Directory platform. We want you to be able to focus on building your impact ecosystem, not collecting data or setting up servers.

What kind of information does Global Goals Directory collect about stakeholders?

Global Goals Directory collects the following information about each stakeholder: SDG-related projects and activities, contact information, address and location details, social media profiles, entity type (business, non-profit, public institution), and industry/sector. All information is collected from public sources. Our goal is to collect all the data you need to monitor and support your ecosystem, so let us know if you are missing anything.

How does Global Goals Directory ensure compliance with data privacy regulations?

All the information that Global Goals Directory collects about companies, organisations, startups, citizens' initiatives, and other stakeholders is sourced directly and exclusively from the stakeholder's own public website. This includes the classification of relevant Sustainable Development Goals, contact information, address and location details, and social media profiles.

How accurate is the AI model of Global Goals Directory?

The AI analysis generally provides a comprehensive — but not complete — picture of regional SDG activities. There are two major limitations to keep in mind: First, the AI is not able to detect all stakeholders, such as those without a website, those that operate locally but are based elsewhere, or those that opt out of automated website scraping. Second, the AI evaluation of websites does not provide a true reflection of reality, partly due to greenwashing, missing information on websites, or limited contextual understanding of the AI, which can occasionally lead to incorrect results. The accuracy of the AI generally ranges between 80% - 95%.

Why does Global Goals Directory not rate or rank stakeholders?

With Global Goals Directory, we conduct an AI-powered stakeholder mapping based on publicly available information. By analysing the website of every stakeholder, we determine which Sustainable Development Goals the stakeholders may be working on. Because we can only identify projects and activities that are communicated on the website and because we cannot qualitatively assess the positive or negative impact of these projects and activities, the results from our analysis are not suitable for rating or ranking the impact of a company or an organisation.

Are the servers for Global Goals Directory powered by renewable energy?

The Global Goals Directory platform and the AI model are running on servers in Frankfurt, Germany that are powered by 100% renewable energy. Our cloud provider is DigitalOcean and the data center is provided by DigitalReality. You can read more about DigitalReality's sustainability commitment here.

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