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Features of Global Goals Directory

Global Goals Directory offers a comprehensive stakeholder database, detailed profiles with sustainability activities and ecosystem insights.

All local stakeholders at a glance

Our platform provides you with the data you need for engaging and supporting your impact ecosystem. That starts with a comprehensive stakeholder map covering local civil society organisations, businesses, citizens' initiatives, startups, and research institutes.

Global Goals Directory Platform: All local stakeholders at a glance

Identify sustainability champions

Explore the specific issues that each stakeholder is working on: from universal basic income to women's rights to sustainable mobility. Find the leaders in each field that can help you accelerate the sustainability transition.

Global Goals Directory Platform: Identify sustainability champions

Discover best practices

You will be amazed at how much is already happening in your impact ecosystem. On our platform, you can explore the specific projects and activities that stakeholders are working on.

Global Goals Directory Platform: Discover best practices

Understand ecosystem strengths and gaps

A thriving ecosystem requires a diversity of stakeholders that can address a wide range of interrelated challenges. Gain insights into the numbers and types of stakeholders contributing to each Sustainable Development Goal.

Global Goals Directory Platform: Understand ecosystem strengths and gaps

Support partnerships and collaboration

With our plugin, it is easy to integrate a public map of the impact ecosystem into your own website. Give visibility to the ecosystem and allow stakeholders to find each other and connect.

Global Goals Directory Platform: Support partnerships and collaboration

Find any stakeholder with ease

Thanks to extensive search and filtering capabilities, you are sure to find what you are looking for — whether it be civil society organisations working on education reform or companies with a focus on the circular economy.

Global Goals Directory Platform: Find any stakeholder with ease

Collaborate with your team

Our platform can be used by an individual, a team or even an entire department. Just enter their email addresses and they receive access. Bringing in external partners is no problem either.

Global Goals Directory Platform: Collaborate with your team

Attach notes and make changes wherever you want

Our platform is your private workspace for managing the impact ecosystem: You can add and delete stakeholders, update stakeholder data — such as address, contact information, SDGs and tags — and even attach internal notes to stakeholder profiles.

Global Goals Directory Platform: Attach notes and make changes wherever you want

Integrate the data into your own workflows

Want to create some graphs? Put together a mailing list? You can download the entire stakeholder dataset as an Excel file and use the ecosystem data for all your other tasks and workstreams.

Global Goals Directory Platform: Integrate the data into your own workflows

Want to learn more about Global Goals Directory?

We have built Global Goals Directory to help you measure and strengthen your local ecosystem and accelerate action on the Sustainable Development Goals.

Global Goals Directory

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