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Collective Action for the Global Goals

The Global Goals Directory is a public list of startups, organizations, and companies working on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Between actors of city-based innovation and civic ecosystems


With less than a decade to go until 2030, we are still facing many major challenges when it comes to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals: from climate change and pollution to extreme poverty and widening inequalities. What these challenges have in common is that they are global, interconnected, and systemic. Issues like these cannot be solved by a single organization, company, or government alone. Collaboration and partnerships are critical for advancing the 2030 Agenda on our world's toughest problems during this Decade of Action.

The Global Goals Directory exists to accelerate our progress on the UN Sustainable Development Goals by supporting and facilitating collaboration and partnerships between non-profit organizations, private companies, think tanks, universities, and governments. We pursue this mission in three ways: 1) Championing the UN Sustainable Development Goals by highlighting the countless number of organizations and companies working on this global agenda, 2) facilitating the creation of new partnerships by helping organizations find suitable collaborators through our public directory, and 3) supporting cities and communities with analyses of their local ecosystem of SDG actors and identifying gaps and opportunities.

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